Dan Cave

What I do:

  • Analytics and metrics implementation and analysis
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • High growth marketing
  • Internal innovation projects
  • Organic and paid search marketing
  • Product marketing and branding
  • Technical SEO

Proudest moments:

Every project Daniel launches and every new insight uncovered for clients is an opportunity to be proud. From the first project completed launching the digital marketplace for a successful Dragons Den product, to executing the digital marketing for import.io which reached millions of users every hour.
Daniel Started his career building websites, and creating interfaces for SME websites and products, quickly moving onto the practice of driving customers to those websites.
Having helped 100s of clients hone their SEO, PPC and inbound marketing channels, as a VP Digital Marketing, with one of Devon’s most successful digital agencies (Optix Solutions).
For the last 4 years Daniel has been working with London’s elite startup technology and marketing companies, speaking at events across the UK, USA and Europe.
Daniels modus operandi revolves around using lean research and metrics analysis, along with industry best practice, and a dash of original thinking, to drive discussion and decision making, product direction, and marketing activity for products and services. Being somewhat of a techy fellow too, chatting about the latest technology and its impact on the future of marketing is never far away.

Seven things that make me happy:

  • 1 Sailing at sunrise
  • 2 Seafood by the sea
  • 3 Old scotch whisky
  • 4 Old science fiction novels
  • 5 Countryside roads and classic cars
  • 6 Playing guitar/bass
  • 7 Time spent with my wife

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