Jon Kennedy

What I do:

  • App development
  • Mobile app strategy
  • User testing
  • UX
  • Web design

Proudest moments:

Jon has had the pleasure of working through some of the worlds major technological leaps in the past decade and a half. The birth and evolution of the Smartphone industry, huge rise in the types of personal devices, creation of the App Store and the App design and development space, the advance of wireless communication and wearable technology. Being involved from a technical implementation and design standpoint during this phase has led Jon to work with some of the world's major players in Financial, Telco, Retail and Broadcasting.

Seven things that make me happy:

  • 1 My family, they're my greatest achievement
  • 2 I love Personal technology and gadgets, I follow technological advancement closely
  • 3 Living and working in beautiful Cornwall, it's an honour
  • 4 Spending time on the beach or on the cliffs tops walking
  • 5 Sunshine, vitamin D wins
  • 6 Personal development and learning. Pushing myself to learn more each day
  • 7 Meeting like-minded people in the local area

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