Sam Dunne

What I do:

  • Copywriting
  • Creative development
  • Graphic design
  • Proposition development
  • Research
  • User testing
  • UX
  • Visual design

Proudest moments:

Sam is a designer, strategist, writer, researcher and facilitator based in London. Sam has a knack for making connections, uncovering gems of insight, finding clarity in complexity, bringing inanimate ideas to life and helping others find their voice. With a background in product design, Sam has spent time as a digital designer, strategic consultant and design journalist before co-founding Cohere – a creative studio in Walthamstow, London – in 2014. Sam currently works on a breadth of creative work ranging from content strategy and creative direction to service design and prototyping new digital experiences. An intrepid explorer Sam has lived and worked in Germany, Helsinki, Tokyo and Sri Lanka.

Seven things that make me happy:

  • 1 Vegan options

  • 2 Long walks
  • 3 Exercise endorphins

  • 4 Eureka moments
  • 5 Wordsmithing
  • 6 Pixel pushing
  • 7 Coherence

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